Boromir Of Gondor – A Poem By -Glorfindil-

by Apr 18, 2003Poetry

Boromir Of Gondor

Boromir of Gondor,

Where have you gone?
Why do you not return?
I search for you,
But you are lost to me.

I would give so much,
To have you with me,
One last time.

The people mourn for you,
Songs of sadness fill the air,
They are filled with grief
For Boromir Of Gondor,
Their beloved prince,
And future king,
Is lost.

Many days ago I heard,
The desperate sound,
Of your horn blowing,
Many days ago, it filled the air,
Then stilled, till it was brought, hewn to me,
Found floating on the flowing river.

The Horn of
Boromir of Gondor,
My son.

Faithful you have been,
What thing has happened,
That it keeps you from returning to me,
Boromir of Gondor?

Why did I let you go?

As I watched you ride away alone,
In the light of the evening sun,
I felt a pang of grief so deep,
That I wondered to myself,
Should I let you go?

Another I might send,
How it would grieve my heart,
Were I to lose you now,
My dearest son.

Never before have I done something,
That I regretted so,
As on that day,
When I watched you ride away alone.

And now you are gone,
Your days are finished here,
For I now know the truth of why,
You do not return.

I have heard the sound,
Of mournful singing from afar,
A tune of deepest sadness,
A sound of loss and pain.

I have seen you floating on the river,
Floating, slowly, sadly,
Your hands clasped,
In a grasp of gentle stillness,
On the handle
Of your broken sword.

And though I called out to you,
You continued on your fateful way,
So still,
Floated on without a word.

And then it was I knew.

I knew
That never again would
I see you, my son,
In life.

I wept then in bitter grief,
Innumerable tears,
Remembering the years,
When you were with me,

My dear son,
Boromir Of Gondor,
Now lost and
gone forever.

Boromir Of Gondor.


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