Bilbo’s Regret – Waiting for Frodo’s return

by Sep 3, 2002Poetry

I didn’t think that I would really find rest
I thought the blood in my veins would be
Racing forever
I thought that we would be
Companions on this quest
But it wasn’t our time
for journeying together

I didn’t think the time would come
For living only through my tales
Tales of thrills and treasures told
To enchant you in those days
Like father and son
For long, so long

I would have come if I could
But my wish left me behind
I would have rather be with you
Than peace until the end of time

Since you went, sometimes I wished
My heart was beating in your body
So I could guide you as I did
And somehow keep my spirit flying

Neither is who we once were
And our roads have gone apart
But as I thought of you out there
I had you so close to my heart

Like father and son,
For long, so long

Remember how we used to live
It was our own kind of heaven
I thought I’d be the first to leave
But I’m glad we will finally
Journey together


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