Bilbo’s Farewell – An Old Hobbit’s Lament

by Mar 8, 2003Poetry

A breeze from the Shire feels so sweet,
but suddenly turns fowl.
I need a new path for my feet,
something must change, somehow.

I know if I stay here too long
I will fade away.
Everything is right, but feels so wrong
why must it end this way?

All I wished for in the wilds,
was to return to my beloved home.
But now the only thing that makes me smile
is the thought of new lands to roam.

All I need to be fulfilled
is a new path beneath my feet.
Wild rivers, roaming hills,
and a roof of Mirkwood trees.

I wish to see different lands,
it is a growing, wild urge.
I wish to walk another tall mountain,
and cross rushing, raging rivers.

My dear nephew holds me here,
his presence helps me to stay
But now I know my fate is clear
and it begins far away.

The road goes ever on and on
but I fear it has left me behind.
Now I’ll follow that wandering song
and maybe find some peace tonight.

So beloved friends, sweet Shire,
if I stay here, I’ll surely die.
I’m too far gone, I must retire,
A fond farewell. GOOD BYE!


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