Bilbo Meets the Dragon

by Apr 28, 2004Poetry

In the mountains dwelling darkness
I tiptoe through the long, long hall
Missing the sunshine’s pleasant brightness
Unseen underneath the mountain tall

I don’t know what’s around the corner
Or beyond the jewel’s stacked tall
I can just hope my voice and lure
Do not break my silent wall

The ring there on my finger lies
And I slink around the golden heap
There lying with half open eyes
Is the dragon, fast asleep

I catch my breath, what have I done
To creep so closely to its head
With my waking eyes I shun
The sparkling heap, the dragon’s bed

I slip real close, the dragon wakes
Running back I stand unseen
My whole body seems to shake
And the dragon smells me, sniffing keen

“Come in, come in, and have my gold!”
The dragon says in a hungry voice
“Smaug the great I am not so bold.”
I replied, although had I a choice?

“What are you, my invisible guest?”
The dragon asked, a voice so smooth
“I’m a barrel rider, the very best.”
I said, and then away I moved

I ran and I ran, not overlooked
The dragon blew great breaths of fire
And even though my back was cooked
I returned alive unto the Shire


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