Beyond the Horizon – A Song of Haleth

by Mar 23, 2005Poetry

Across the Sea of Eternity
I hear the sounds of silence
Whispering softly:”Here none can stay”
Time comes and sweeps us all away

To places never seen before
Where time has other meaning
And pain is stranger left behind
Relief is in my keeping

I do not fear nor do I rue
Time comes, I`ll go with open heart
May sunbeams gild the roads ahead
Or starshine rest on silver thread

Then I shall go whence I once came
Casting off all sorrow and pain
No storm can ever hurt me then
My soul is free from hindrance when

And beloved who`ve gone before me
I hope to find once more
High price though losses have always
I shall not despair in mourn

Across the Sea of Silence
I hear the sounds of eternity
Singing softly that once I`ll be home
After the end of my last road
And beyond the horizon I shall see
Those that once gave life to me


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