Beren and Luthien:Arwen and Aragorn – What Happened After

by Oct 3, 2003Poetry

There she walked in Rivendell
Full of beauty all could tell
Like Luthien she was in sight
Fair like the stars of twilight

Her dark hair strayed in the cool air
And shining gems upon her brow
A blue and silver mantle she did wear
This beauty dwelleth in Lorien now

In the forest on that Rivendell day
He saw her, called and did say
Tinuviel for she walked in her likeness
Yet now she wanders the earth in darkness

When he saw her eyes of elven light
He turned ashamed of his sight
For she was an immortal full of years
From that day Aragorn shed many tears

The Evenstar left the beauty of Rivendell
And dwelt with her grandmother Galadriel
He came again though she never did fade
And when she beheld him her choice was made

In the glades of Lorien they did wander
Through the seasons ever together
Until on Midsummers Eve in Cerin Amroth
Upon that hill they looked east and plighted their troth

She saw that he would become great
Though this man could not forsee his fate
He spoke for him the twilight she must forsake
And she said she would turn and her doom was made

Grevious was the parting of Elrond and his daughter
For between the Sea they were both sundered
He finally weary forsook Middle Earth never to return
She became a mortal queen and soon her choice she learned

In glory and bliss she dwelt with her King
Until at last his life and the world was ending
Now the time of payment was near
This time the Evenstar long did fear

Aragorn laid him down on his bed in the House of Kings
And surrendered to Eldarion the crown of wings
And all left him save for one and she tasted her choice bitter
For she was not yet weary though mortality was upon her

When she forsook the Shadow and twilight sealed was doom
Aragorn knew he must by his will and choice leave her soon
He knew no comfort to her he could give
For pain and bitterness was only left to live

He pleaded for her to bear away their memories into the West
And there be evergreen to take the ship and to find her rest
Yet she said nay for the choice was long over
And she pitied men and the curse of mortality bitter

In sorrow Aragorn left yet not in despair
He knew beyond the circles of the world he would fair
Beyond them was more than a simple memory
And Arwen took his hand and cried as he did sleep

Now the light in her eyes was quenched and she was grey
Became as cold in nightfall without a star she did not stay
To all she said farewell and left the city forever
And passed away to Lorien though it was now winter

Here she walks among the fading trees
The land has silent all have passed to the seas
The mallorn leaves fell and she laid herself down to sleep
Her grave until the world changed and her days forgotten eternally

Yet as she closed her eyes a light appeared around her
And lo the trees again seemed as silver
Again she could feel a warm breeze
And then golden became the leaves

Around her the sky was blue
The earth and she was changed too
Her grey rainment was cast away
In flowing white she was arrayed

To her heart gladness came again
Then she looked and saw the proudest of men
Tears of joy flowed upon her face
For it seemed to her was shown grace

‘Beyond the circles is more than a memory’ her he told
He then showed her two others who like them of old
From there together they laughed and did cry
They took hands and the world dropped from their eyes


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