Before and after – Why I never really came home

by Jan 19, 2004Poetry

The sun once shone on the dasies,
So proud and robed in white,
And the clouds changed form in the heavens,
And the streams and their waters glowed bright.

And once when the butterfly flew by
I was amazed at the coloures of her wings,
And I laughed with my friends in the dragon,
And bathed in the mirth summer brings.

But now the flowers are foregin,
Either they do not belong or I,
And everyone else is so happy,
Yet I cannot see hope in thy sky.

The birds in meadows still sing now,
Like they did in the years I hold dear;
Yet the sounds of their laughter is too starnge now,
And the sun lost deep within my fear.

And although it is gone I still feel it,
An ache and a pull in my heart;
And so home is saved for my people;
But I’ve lost, and surrendered my part.


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