Before & after the Precious

by May 5, 2003Poetry

What did we have?
Before the Precious came along
Gollum, what did we have?

We had a home
We had a name
We had a town
And the lovely Grandma.

What do we have?
Now with the Precious
Sssmeagol, what do we have?

The whole cave
The pond, and the Mountains are oursss
We have a name that nobody knows
And the lovely darknessss…

What did we…

We could look upon the yellow face
We could look upon the white face
We could look upon the green trees
We could listen to lovely grandma

What do we…

The white face ssspies on you
The yellow face ssspies on you
We have the lovely darkness to uss
Where no one can ssspy on uss
With the PRECIOUS, Smeagol
We can watch without being watched

What did we…

We had love for others
And they loved nice Smeagol
We cared for them
And for lovely Grandma

What do we…

Nobody cared for you
Remember, Deagol?
Didn’t want to give the Precious
Nobody caress for you
But the Precious cares for uss.
And we caress for them

The Precious doessn’t care
It kills uss


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