Bearer of the Ring – (Frodo’s Song)

by May 14, 2002Poetry

Bearer of the Ring
When you clutched It in your hand
Did you grasp all you would sacrifice?
Did you truly understand?

Was it dagger’s thrust on Amon Sul,
Gandalf’s fall, or Amon Hen
When you believed you’d journey there
But not come back again?

Bearer of the Ring
So small and so afraid
Bent double with the evil of
That which must be unmade.

Through tears you stumbled on, my friend,
No hope, no comfort, rest.
No treachery, no Spider’s sting
Could thwart you from your quest.

Bearer of the Ring
A-shine with silver light.
Your Sam could see it clear
Through the darkest, dismal night.

Martyrs and messiahs,
You outshine them, every one,
No peace, no glory promised you
When at last your task was done.

Your hand stole toward the Ring.
Sam clasped it, loyal friend.
You couldn’t walk; Sam carried you
Until the wrenching end.

No one else, not Man, not Elf
Could have come so far.
Despairing but unyielding
Holding light of Lady’s star.

Bearer of the Ring,
Broken, but alive.
Tormented by the Dark
That’s wormed its way inside.

Don’t fret about your “failure”,
For you did your best, your part.
You bore It to the Cracks of Doom,
The mountain’s fiery heart.

Bearer of our Hope,
I swear that it is true.
To plunge into that chasm
Was for Gollum, not for you.

Death you meant to welcome
Sweet surrender, end of strife.
But pain was not to end for you,
For you were granted life.

Bearer of the Ring
Can’t sleep for wicked dreams.
Hollow, haunted eyes…
How cruel a Fate it seems.

So write your Story in the Book
To ease your troubled mind.
Then make one final sacrifice:
Leave what you love behind.

Bearer of our Hope
It hurts to tell him true
The world you suffered to redeem
Is for Sam, but not for you.

So take your gentle leave of him
And put his heart to rest.
Sail far away, as sail you must,
Into the healing West.

May the Lady bless your soul
May you walk within Her Light.
May it drive out every vestige of
Seductive, noxious Night.

May your friends of old come back to you,
Gaze upon contented face
When the years have mended broken heart,
Your spirit filled with Grace.

Bearer of the Ring…
Bearer of our Hope…
Wise One Full of Grace.


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