Be Brave

by Oct 28, 2006Poetry

Be Brave.

Wails and never ceasing cries,
Spinning tales that blind our eyes,
So that we see nothing of what lies ahead,
Be brave my friend, let your courage be led,

Through the ever twisted roads,
Even with our heavy loads.
And we shall soon see home again,
And hear the Shire’s streams by then,

And listen to the crying birds,
Singing songs with no words,
But their tune seems to say,
That we shall see a brighter day,

You and I shall soon be home,
And you without this heavy load,
So do not fear, what lies ahead,
Be brave my friend, our hope has not fled,

Look to the skies, still blue afar,
And see Elbereth’s shining star.
And though you and I may be,
Only small hobbits, others see,

And though in Mordor deep we lie
Alone beneath the darkened sky,
We will see our home again,
Be brave my friend, Be brave my friend.

And now that we have come so far,
Under moon and darkened star,
We are here at last to see,
The destruction of the ring.

We clamber up the winding stair,
Our hearts are weary with despair.
But we have almost reached the end,
Be brave my friend, Be brave my friend.


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