Away from Mount Doom – Sam’s song of hope

by Jul 7, 2002Poetry

Let us take one more step
and then you will rest master dear
You can lay your head in my lap
and dream all the sweet dreams you’ve been denied

Let us get away from fire
Find strength for one more breath
and then you’ll fulfil your desire
all the rest doesn’t matter

Let me carry you, let me be near you
Don’t put that look into your eyes
Now we’ve come so close to making it
I feel I can’t stop trying

You’re going to wake up far away
to find that time has not passed
Yes, we will take the road we came
find everything still
as the day that we left

So come, I’ll help you, I’ll see you through
If you lost the will of fighting
Well, I have it for two
And don’t count if I lose more than I gained
What matters to me
is that I’ll see you smile again

Now close your eyes, give me your hand
That light in the sky cannot mean the end

I think I heard something
Like a rustle of wings
You see, they’re coming for us
This isn’t yet another dream


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