As Saruman saw it

by Jun 23, 2003Poetry

For years I wandered the forests,
I savoured the stars each night,
But then I realised I could have all of this,
If I were the Lord and the people,
O and the people shild be mine,
And their lands kept in my name.

For this land I gave everything,
My powers were dulled, and I took the form
Of an ancient mortal man,
And still my mind in that body
Did desire all that it could,
For I deserved more than this.

For I am mighty. I was given this tower,
And I took on these simple white robes,
But why should I not desire all the coloures,
All the coulers of this earth and their every hue,
For I am the wisest as the wise,
As I refered to by all.

So why do they not see me?
So why should I not grasp this chance,
That would be to a mortal man impossiable,
Or even to the elven king. But I,
I am a Miar, an Istri, and I desire power,
For power I can gain, with my mind.

And now I see that the forests
Are but wood to be burnt,
And the stars are no use,
Not in the shadows of this world’s night,
So why not I as the Lord of the people,
And I not the Lord of the lands,
For I am so powerful now.


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