Arwen’s view – Using the Chorus of “Into the West”

by Dec 21, 2003Poetry

What can you see
I see the passage of Autumn,
As Winter arrives,
On the horizon
A vast expanse of hope,
Uncounted lives,
Why do the white gulls call?
They plead with me,
Yet I shall remain,
Across the sea
My kin are waiting,
Yet I cannot got, they feel my pain,
A pale moon rises
My sun is setting,
Undying love is my only desire,
The ships have come
And too soon shall pass,
Forever to leave me in my mortal pyre,
To carry you home
Yet this is my place,
In this mortal world,
And dawn will turn to silver glass
The still stars shall shine,
Their beauty unfurl’d,
A light on the water
A faded dream,
Grey ships pass
And I hold my future, For I am a Queen;
Into the West


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