Arwen’s plea – To Elrond

by Apr 5, 2003Poetry

Pray, I beg thee leave me hear
I cannot see what lies beyond my year,
And my life should fade away,
If I sailed upon the narrow way.

Please, do let me dwelleth in this place
For my heart is of mortal face,
For I do love him, and do decrey
I would die hear, and live with he.

Father, I love thou, and so true
That on no other matter would I quiestion you,
But my immortal dream hath sold
It’s life to mortal anguish old.

and the fair elven beauty looked deep into the eyes of her father, and in silent reconition he looked from the mountain top, and let his sad sad eyes rest atop the brillance of the White Tower of Minas Tirith.


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