Arwens last journey

by Nov 27, 2004Poetry

A veil of her sadness
Doth flow about her face,
A memory of her happiness
Portrays her elven grace,
And tears of silent virtue
Down her cold cheeks do flow,
She knew that this would happen;
Death happiness would slow.

A dress of mourning darkness
In place of silver white,
And stars shall be her halo
In the vastness of the night,
Her crown shall be her token
Of what she was before,
A dream that now has ended
Far from that foregin shore.

And pity be her mercy,
As she bids her friends goodbye,
Her family and her children,
She tells them not to cry,
She kisses each one last time
As sadness clouds her sight,
And she leaves that brilliant city
With it’s towers shining bright.

One last look she takes now,
At the kingdom of his throne,
And wonders if she knew this then
Would she have taken thoes ships home?
She wonders of her people
Out of her mortal grasp,
Beyond the reach of her tears
And the love that she doth clasp.

She slowly wanders onwards,
upon the elven path,
The trees, they still remember,
And gaily, sadly laugh;
And the river still sings to greet her,
As her foot steps softly trace
The roads, so long forgotten
By that fair elven race.

And as she reaces Lorien
She searches in the sky
For the stars that she once wished on
As she lays down to die.


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