Arwen’s Lament

by May 5, 2004Poetry

Where now do I look?
The shores of my fathers are far away over the sea
That I shall never cross
The ones I love are fast asleep
Who shall wear the newly vacant crown?
The shards of Narsil re-forged
Are lying on a stony grave
The past and present seem to quickly pass away
And I am still here
Holding onto something that I can’t yet grasp
In an old city of stone
Will the time pass quicker now?
Now that my hopes are dashed against a blank wall
That is crumbling beneath me
Where are the words; where is the hope
That never before has failed me
A dying world is my future
And the one I love is gone away from me
Shall I join him there?
In a murky place that my eyes can’t penetrate, the fog
Is thick before me
Do I go the distant road?
Mortal or immortal, I no longer care
For my love has left me, like a sigh on the chill breeze
So quickly do we live
And quicker die
But is there hope beyond the fog of time?
I shall not know
And yet in my mind I seem to know
But of that I can say no more
No more do I walk in this land
My life is failing
And yet I will not give up my hope
The hope that a new day will dawn without me
And that I will find my love
Once again


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