Arwen’s Lament – Crystal’s LotR Lament Series

by Sep 5, 2004Poetry

Time goes endless ever on,
And here I morn, dead is my song.
My joy in gone,
My love goes on.
And here I wander ever more,
Through silent woods troubled by war.
Time eats away at me,
And sorrow for my love, who forever gone will be.
My heart is torn,
I weep and morn.
Was I foolish long ago?
Should I have let him go?
All that was bright in this world has faded,
Into darkness it has waded.
The elves are gone,
As is their song.
And never will I see,
The golden land, that no longer waits for me.
And here I will waste away,
Through moonless night and sunless day.
Until at last I lie down to sleep,
Tired by the tears I weep.
And there I evermore will lie,
Till at last I finally die.
I will leave this cursed world behind,
And wonder in my lonely mind.


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