Arwen’s Fate

by Jan 26, 2006Poetry

the White City
proudly on a hill
never will it be
the same again
i can no longer see
the banner
flowing freely in the air
all is lost
in death’s embrace
singing the song
of sadness

love and death
must stand together
in order to bring
us pain
the White City
Never again
will i see

the world has changed
yet nothing has
am I the only one
who fails to see
that death is a part
of everything
when he died
i remembered
all that i
had sacrificed
for love

The White City
Proud upon the hill
the White Tree
is wilting
i see it burning
in my heart
and i can do nothing to stop it
all i see
is inside of me
nothing can be
never again
will I see the stars
the beauty
and the love
joy brings to me
sadness and despair

when I thought of him
I saw the flag
Flowing freely in the air
Yet it was known
That was never to be
Between him and me

For he is one
I am another
In both race and mind
But we were young
Fell for each other
The pain of death
Brought upon him
Yet I can only
Stop and wonder
Is it worse for
Him or me?


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