Arwen’s Dream

by Mar 2, 2006Poetry

Whispers of a forgotten place
A time long turned into myth and legend
Her peple left these shores
Yet she stayed behind
No way of getting to that sacred place
Along a far distant shore where the white gulls call
And she was drawn across the many leagues towards the sea
But she could not go
She was human now .
There was no way she could get get there.
For he, her love for many years had died, and now she was all alone.
As she laid her head against the dry crumbling earth beside his grave she sighed
And remembered once again the good times they had shared together .
And at this moment she surrendered her self to the to the gods.
And she departed from these shores.

She stood upon a hill at the edge of a distant world
And next to her stood her love .
They ran of into the east.


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