Arwen’s doubts

by Sep 24, 2003Poetry

What star shall shine for me?
For I am mortal now,
And though I feel no different,
I wish I did, for how
Should this pain bear with my heart,
I have what I decreed,
But should I have left in swan frame ships,
O’er unseed paths with speed?

What words could ever tell me,
That goodbye should mean farewell?
An empty hole within myself,
With the burning doubt of hell.
And sadness my eyes prickle,
And a silent tear falls,
How could I not then relish
Ever moment in my fathers halls?

And nighting gale shall lament,
Sing this song to me,
For I am mortal and married,
But I too, desired the sea.
And I know I’m not immortal,
The very first time in my life,
The uncertain hope of life long love,
To be lived by a Queen and a Wife.


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