Arwen’s book

by Jan 16, 2004Poetry

I need not cry nor think sad thoughts,
When my father Lord Elrond leaves these ports,
I have lived a long happy life,
And I will die with dignity if I fall by the spear or knife,
I will find my page in my own little book,
Sorrow is just another event this capter took,
I am with my king Aragorn,
We will be so joyfull when our son is born,
His heart is pure just like our son’s will be,
He will be the heir to the throne and an elf just like me,
My home valley Rivendell will be ever green,
The white tree of Gondor will be beautiful to be seen,
The lands of Middle Earth will be free once again,
Every place will become Gondor’s close friend,
So as we come to the last chapters end,
Middle Earth has fourt this big bend,
Safe my life shall be,
Here in Middle Earth my spirit flys free.


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