Arwen Undomiel – Arwen leaving Rivendell

by Feb 22, 2003Poetry


A shining figure lingers in the night
The wind gives the air a cold, horrible bite
Her hair a raven black, her skin so fine
Her touch is soft, her beauty devine

Her eyes are crystals that raise to the sky
The wonder of the night is a dream, she cannot deny
Her lonesome heart cries for Aragorn, her love
Every night she looks to the stars, heavens above

Tears can form and fall to the ground
Because now she knows her love is found
But now she mourns because he is away
So she will linger by a crystal bay

And look out to gaze at an evening star
Her thoughts will leave her and travel afar
There her heart will stay in Rivendell
“Farewell, my beloved Aragorn, Farewell”


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