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by Apr 6, 2003Poetry

“I pray that naught could ever marr
Thy eyes as bright as diamond star,
And that no tear shall ever stain
Thy flawless face for selfish gain.
I beg thee, say that on this day
Thy song shall be that one display
That for thy heart and love thee knew
Thou shalt never loose thy elven hue.”

“I wish that I had heard that song
That was so fair and flowing throng
of tears did weep from eyes that never saw
But heard. And I would envy no one nor
nothing that thy grief hath tasted,
For thy immortal life was not wasted
Then, for love was found, as thee danced there
For him in the eve, immortal maiden, beauty fair.”

“I hope that I may see, one day
The narrow road to elven way
Were my fate shall not be led
For in the morrow I shall wed
A mortal man, whom I do love,
And entwined with not the star above
I fear I shall like thee then fade away,
To be lost in the tears of yonder day.”

And the Evenstar looked out upon the white city, as the stars shone, and the moon glowed, and the night birds sang, and her eyes were caught in the very essence of the crafted star of Eärendil, her fate twisted with love and lore and grief.


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