Arwen – Choices

by Jul 20, 2004Poetry

Deep eternity,
How cruel you are to me;
To have me die of sadness,
Or of mortality.
To hold me here in limbo,
To see my world decay;
Or see the brooding shadow
Become the ever-day.

How sorrow could deceive me,
And shroud my dreams in mist,
And death to make me widdow,
‘Till solituide be missed,
And then to see the nations
Where I did once there sing
To fall, bereaved in virtue
To loose their Queen and King.

And I am left unto fate;
That force that could deny
To take away my happiness,
To hide the stars from sky;
And how should then I wander, alone, and clad in black,
Alas that I should wish then
On him to turn my back.


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