Arwen – Arwen ‘s torn between her loves…

by Aug 3, 2003Poetry

Arwen ‘s Torn Heart

How my days are waning in this bright world of war
How my mother’s torture makes my heart skip beats, once more
How can my father, clad in blue
Look upon me that way ,my Arwen, Evenstar

How can I look him in the eye and say at all,
I’m torn between you, Varda, help me,
What has changed since yesterday?Celebrian, of
Silver and Gold,Oh Mother ,dwellest thee in Mandos Hall?

FOr more than ever I need your bosom, the scent
Of your hair, your songs,and Father’s love
My love for him is so great ,yet this Estel
Found me,crying Tinuviel,as I danced on the greensward
Singing of our white birches. His voice is moving
The man vibrates in purity… wrong for me?

THey may call me Elven wise, fearless, but no
Here I stand waiting ,for Elrond to speak
While a tear runs down his cheek
And turning round,bids me to go….
I see his body shake,How can I hurt Him so?

After some thousand years we need no words
My gown seems thin and chilled ,I slip away
Time ,we need time, and yet the only Home I ever knew
risks ,as the Elves,annihilation.
My family ,guard well the Ring of Elven Power
I see decades of hunting, Swords reforged
Before Betrothal’s within reach….what do I say?
My heart speaks to save our fair nation…

Oh Elbereth, help me to see,
the ways of mine own destiny
Gilthoniel,Oh shining Star,
Oh Give me light ,the Truth of me?

Father slips a great blue cloak around me,twas Mother’s
Holds me in his safe safe arms,I weep for them…
His Love is written in his eyes,and question,Arwen?
As he lifts my chin,kissing my brow,
stroking my hair softly,his only daughter
And Arwen ‘s a child yet, I whisper in his ear,
Holding on, Holding still, just for now

Ack, shall my choice be that of Idril, Luthien?
Impossible choice to lose all ,n’eer to sail
I hug Mother’s cloak round my body ,so cold
Now to sleep, to dream of my love ,yet so frail…

Ingrid Berg/Arvenstar 2003©



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