by Sep 25, 2003Poetry

In a land long ago
Where elves could make their own long bow
Fire, water, wind, and earth
The trees could now have their birth

The elves made a long flowing cloak
And lived with all of their folk
Born at the beginning of time
Their hair was golden, long and fine

The dwarfs however lived underground
In caverns deep in which they found
Mining, crafts and stonework
Where all is dark and deamons lurk

Men are mortal and must die
And Edoras hall which stands high
The mountains in which they take pride
And Rohans horses that they ride

Istari are wizards their number unknown
They know magical plants, stars and stone
Hats, cloaks, staffs and all
Horses, eagles they can call

Hobbite are extremely short
And to be oregrnised they do sought
Peace and quiet they adore
They wouldn’t like to go to war

Creatures of the forest unseen
Some of them nice some of the mean
Ents are old and like trees
And birds that fly over southern seas

Lakes, mountains, seas of deep
Hidden jewles and treasure they keep
Sandy shores sun in the sky
Horses and carts passing by

The sun is setting, the lakes are still
All is quiet on Weathertop hill
On the river the swan boat floats
Anduin windes Lorien like a moat


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