Aragorn’s Dream – The Meeting

by Sep 3, 2002Poetry

I thought I had strayed into a dream

Today Elrond came and spoke to me
He told me that I was Isildur’s offspring
I am now Aragorn son of Arathorn but I was always called Estel
He gave to me Barahir’s Ring and the shards of the sword Narsil

Today I went to walk in the forests of Rivendell
There I walked among the flowers of Niphredil
I was joyous in heart and I decided to sing
I am Aragorn Estel but will I ever be king

It was then that I strayed into a dream
Luthien had come to me so it would seem
There she stood her dark hair in the wind straying
Her blue eyes sparkling and her silver dress swaying

She seemed like enchantment and I was afraid
I called out to Luthien before she could fade
She turned and smiled at me
And I asked her who was she

She said she was daughter of Elrond Arwen Undomiel
She had been staying in Lorien with Galadriel
I told her of my proud heritage as Isildur’s heir
Then I felt ashamed for I knew she would not care

For I knew that this vision was Elven
And I was simply of the race of men
I was in love with this beautiful woman of fair face
Could she ever love me this daughter of the Elven race

My mother said that she would most likely
Depart to the Havens with her Elven family
I must go into exile and prove myself worthy
I love the Evenstar and I hope she will love me


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