~*~Aragorn, Upon Meeting Arwen~*~

by Jan 28, 2005Poetry

When first I saw you
I thought I had strayed into a dream.
You flowed as a dizzying current
waters entwined in purling skeins
of shadows and skybeams
curves and perfume and dusk.
I longed for nothing
but to cast myself in your stellar spray
and feel it kiss each inch of my skin
even if I were to be
wrecked upon reefs
of doubt and necessity.
‘Twere enough to feel you
beading my senses
in liquescent gems
drowning my pores
in forgetfulness and facets.
And so I plunged in, flinging aside
the garments of all chafing caution
carried and cleansed and taught
scalded by snow, frozen by lightning.
I drank of you deeply
you hung from my lashes
in crystal fever
wept from my hair
and crinkled the tips
of my fingers and toes.
The sable ropes of your hair
kept me lashed to the mast
the unquenchable stars
of your eyes steered my course
your skin my sail
your voice the wind.
And now the harsh snags
of my soul you have smoothed.
Your pearls I do set
in scepter and crown.
I know you will wear me away
and you will flow on
bearing only my dust
in your lonely undertow.
So it must be
until you reach the place
where all streams converge
in a clamorous torrent
and join forever
in dark and fathomless bounty.


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