Aragorn and Arwen’s choice – A Poem

by Mar 11, 2003Poetry

“Take my hand, my love
But never so shall we stay,
For thee art doomed to take the ship
Beyond the mortal’s way,
For my love, though thee shalt weep
Thy tears to the stars
Never lost shall be such love,
Love as such as ours.”

“Though I shall cry my tears at night
Alone without thee here
In that land away, along the moonlit sailing
I shall always love thee, but here,
For it is fated so, my love
That we shall not be wed,
And brone away to evergreen lands
Our love shall be as it is now said.”

“For I do love thee more than any tounge can say
Beautiful one, with deepes eyes of light
Which was never ment to wan
As never shall the bright burning stars at night;
I wish that here thee could dwell
But I cannot bid thee stay
As I wish thee to be spared the pain
Within the mortal day.”

And she took up his kingly hand, and looked deep into his shining eyes, which lay upon her elven face wit fondnedd and dispare, and said her say, in true loves way, what longing in her word;

“Thee cannot leave me to sail away
For all my hope is in thy sway
And How can I no there no grief
If thee art resting here?”

“So I shall say, that on this day
I shall stay with thee, for me
For what the start, and what the end
That saw a broken heart to mend, my love.”

And with tears in their eyes they did then embrace, mortal and elf, shone moonlit grace.


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