Aragorn and Arwen

by Mar 28, 2006Poetry

Landon rea alto’hei
doeren kin’ou frivalie
mernah frasce montre dee
hel’sra graphna brenah’won

Trans fremalea galzrog’wei
pointrou lon’mour lic’res wroth
orvah’qinte morgoth scry

thezra meia brant’doren
vreal els gro lifaen
th jornay kil’tsra nolen beay
thorn locr harda sloen grace

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

The tree bent down
while the fair one danced
the woman stopped
because she saw him

the man was clad in brown and green
she ran to him
he held her close

together they walked
out under the trees
the leaves showed silver
great was their love


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