by Jul 21, 2004Poetry

When should death adorn me,
It’s hue to soft’n my skin,
And all it’s love sourround me,
To shield me from my sin?
Untill forever lingers,
And fate my name should call
Whence then should I wander,
Should I wander so at all?

I see a land before me,
To harken to my cry,
To lift the sails around me,
And see the ships pass by;
But I am now so weary
Of hatred, wrath and war
And wish to see the palace
Of Mandos in Valinor.

The ships are passing by me,
Unto that land afar,
But naught but life awaits me,
An ever-burning star;
And heaven there is told of,
But I weary all the same,
And once wished that I was mortal,
And not worthy of my name.

Now duty still awaits me,
And one day I may pass
Into the stars above me-
A mabye; but alas
That I sall ever wonder
What shall bestow my grace;
For I am still immortal,
Apart from Life’s great race.


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