Any Ring Goes – (sung to the tune of “Anyting Goes”)

by Aug 19, 2000Poetry

It would be pretentious to call this a poem; it’s a filk. According to legend, the name came from a science fiction convention convention where a typo in the schedule listed “filk singing” instead of “folk singing.” Since then, the word “filk” has refered to a science fiction or fantasy based song, usually a parody of or based on an existing one. This is one of my own. Feel free to sing along.

In Elder Days a touch of magic

Was looked on as something tragic

Now, Elbereth knows,

–Any Ring Goes!

Wizards too, like evil Sauron,

Are something to wage a war on

In epic prose,

–Any Ring Goes!

The world is flat today

And that’s that today

And most elves today

Help themselves today

And those guys today

That writers prize today

Have lots of hair on their toes;

And tho’ I’m not the Necromancer,

I’m certain that you’ll answer

When Mount Doom blows,

–“Any Ring Goes!”



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