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My dearest friend…
through the crystal rains
and miraculous air
I see your face.
In the stillness of the star-shower
and murmur of eternal tide
I hear your voice.
Your questions drift
as urgent feathers on the breeze
or small boats salt encrusted
which I catch in both hands
and hold to my heart
as best I can.

Never think you failed me.
You know there are some wounds
only the Divine can cure. I cannot
teach you the rightness thereof;
you must learn it for yourself
as I do now. Still, no action
that issues from the heart
is ever wasted. All you have done
and will do lays a foundation
of might and gladness, sows
fields of health and color
for those about you, and those
to come. All the joy
that is mine now was bought by you
and I wear it as a favored child
in jeweled abandon. Never think
that I do not return your love;
sometimes I wish I had two hearts,
one scarcely seems enough
to contain the bursting cataract
that springs therein.

So sweep your mind of all doubt
and in the firelit chamber of the night
lie still and listen, you will hear
my voice as a streamlet through the clouds
and in the mystic pool of dreams
I’ll serve you answers
on silver plates. Forgive me
what I’ve put you through;
I would have spared you any hurt
if it had been within my power.
But let the flow of time and work,
song, delight and pleasing memory
wear away all crags of grief
and smooth them into luster fine
that all will rejoice
to walk upon. I’ve renamed
the brightest Star for you,
the hope unquenchable
that warms my skin
and dries my hair
in the sacred lake of day.
Some fine morning
we’ll view it together,
as once we were, unblinded,
and you will know
once and for all
that you are indeed
my second heart.


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