Angel – a cry for the return of a loved one

by May 19, 2003Poetry


I’m lost without my angel
Raindrops fall instead of the sun’s shining raids
My heaven turned into a dark place
From where even the shadows have fled

Oh my angel, heavenly creature way up high
Can you hear my sadful cries
Without your protective wings
I am shieldless against the danger

Without your whispers, my angel
I have gone deaf for other peoples voices
Without your precious eyes
I have gone blind for all the joy
And can see nothing but swift moving shimmers

Feel sad no more my angel and return to me
Come back into my heart
And bring back with you the light wich I long to see
Draw your sword
And defeat the demons that are keeping you from me

Come back my angel for I am lost without you
Do not abandon me for a false flame
For my fire will always be burning


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