…and remain Galadriel – The Golden Wood’s queen

by Jan 21, 2003Poetry

I live in these Golden halls
Surrounded by beauty of darkly glowing light
Beauty and reverence from an age gone by
But new things stir the air

A danger approaches which I cannot fight
Which I can do nothing against
A helplessness that is new to me
Overwhelms my very being
Nenya hums to me, but I do not understand

I look in my mirror but nothing appears
My vision has clouded
Covered because I am not true
I must pass the test, but how?

The mirror is dark for the first time
And the glow of my golden wood surrounds me
With nothing but memories
I am surrounded by a misty shadow

I keep to myself, for I am afraid and will not let it show
Yet my fear of the darkness will not let me go
I force it away but it returns
My struggle not yet over

And now this small creature approaches me
And I have at last seen into my mirror again
But he comes and see only the small thing
That rests upon his fingertips
The Ring
I…help…but hten why not…
And then my thoughts are not my own
I hear a voice far away and realize it is mine
My thoughts return and I am overrun

But not beaten. Not yet.

I too am strong, dark Lord, and I am not yours!
I have passed the test.
I will diminish, go into the west
…and remain Galadriel


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