and my heart finds me

by Jan 27, 2004Poetry

Death I see it
in the eyes of the others
as the door is
being knocked down

I try to remember
the days of peace
but there is none.
All I can remember is
war and death

the wizard calls
“hold your places men”
hold my place
it goes through my head
I try to do just that but
my mind says “GO! do not stay,
do not die”

yet my heart screams
I strive to listen to my heart

the door now gone
trolls come through,
I fight as my heart says

the wizard calls again
“to the second level”
I give into my mind for an instant

then I here a scream
and my heart finds me
protecting a mother and a child
I get them to the second level

yet I stand and fight still
the door closes I still fight
my sword stand with blade

I plunge into the orcs
a moment of pain
then I see a white beach
and find days of peace
I here a voice it says
“Well done soldier of Minas Tirith”


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