And I shall weep

by Oct 11, 2003Poetry

Silence ensnares the darkness around,
And the stars in the night sky flee,
And ye lay asleep within this lone mound,
And no tears could ever confort me.

Eternity; where there wake the secrets of stones*
And the living should dwell with the dead,
Yet still in the ground lies faded mortal bones,
‘Twas thrice three year we wed.

And all yet hope has left here,
Carried yon upon the hither eve,
To where the shadows dwelleth and there no year,
And all that I am left with is to grieve.

And what the word to comfort love,
In absence of the soul,
No star nor sun shall shine above,
For my heart death hath stole.

“Thou thief!” I cry to empty sky,
“Why him from me to take?
Who shall linger, youth pass’d by,
To die or linger make?”

Yet I receive no awnser there
Still monutains hold their peace,
And my sorrow is spoken to the air,
Plea the barrow him release.

And all the anguish of the grave
Consumes my mortal soul,
And sorrow sweeps my lonley heart,
Emotions loose controll.

So I cast myself upon the floor,
And sorrow weeps its way,
And I shall weep forever more,
Untill my dying day.

*Stones refers to the silmarils, whoes secrets will be told at the end of the world.


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