An Untold Tale

by Mar 8, 2005Poetry

Long pleasent years have passed,
ages of adventures untold.
But alas the world is changing,
soon the tales of men shall unfold.
I can not hear the seagulls calling.

Who will remember the tales of old,
if none who remember remain?
I can not spend eternity regretting
not knowing the tales of Men’s reign.
I can hear the seagulls calling.

No, I could never abandon those
who fought so bravely for this world.
So as we stand here by the sea, parting
all I can give you is my word,
I will, one day, answer your calling.

But call you must, now for a while,
till of Men’s tales I become weary.
Then to the sea I will flee, calling,
so you know to no longer worry.
Do you hear me calling?

Long tiresome years have passed,
ages of lonliness and tears
of standing here in the sand, calling.
Waiting for your figure to appear.
I can hear the seagulls calling


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