An opinion of an elf.

by Jul 31, 2003Poetry

August was the pity then,
We dwelled amid the tide of men,
And melancholy was our mood,
The sun would wan, the sky would brood.

The trees were ancients, forests old
Rembered ever tale told,
The rivers sang of pain and woe,
Of feats the happened long ago.

No longer would my heart here rest,
Among the land I once deemed best,
Without the joys of Valinor,
I shall dwell no longer on this shore.

My kin is fading, and elven ships
Carry away, sorrow kissed lips,
The eyes that saw the stars first shine,
Who dance forever, muse’s mime.

So I go forth, to Valinor,
Away from death, Away from war,
Away from home, and all my strife,
To Valinor, to elven life.


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