An elven fall – -a short story

by Apr 22, 2004Poetry

Today I was summoned by Haldir of Lorien.
To assist the second born, in a battle.
We will march to Helms deep.

We marched swift and fast.
We arrived today.
The fort looks well-built and steadfast.
It will hold.

The very earth shakes at the entrance of the enemy
To the doors of Helms deep.
The adversary approaches.
There are many, maybe ten thousand.
Too many.
Maybe it won’t hold.

My foe is strong, they are well armoured.
No match for the weakness of men.

They come in groups.
Lunging at your sides.
Eating your flesh.
Taking glory in the decay of death.

My patience grows thin.
I long to be with my family.
Hold them.
Keep them.

But that cannot be.
My time is ending.
I fall.
Seeing the death around me.
I realise we are not immortal.
Age cannot catch us.
But the speed of an arrow can.

I leave: to Mandos’ halls.


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