An Elf’s Departure – …one elf’s song goodbye

by Apr 23, 2003Poetry

My ears with the wind’s path through stirring branches rushing
My eyes on the treetops, into the skyline reaching,
My heart with the sweet tears of the forest mourning,
The spots of sunlight, dangling leaves, imploring and beseeching.

How could I ever leave this land that I have learned to love?
The waving trees and breaking waves and shining stars above,
Golden silence or silver sound in crystal morn or evening
But lo! the ships sail o’er the Sea, and I will soon be leaving.

My eyes on the shoreline and the golden sand swirling,
My ears with the gull’s cry and madly wild winging,
My heart with each blue-tinged wave, crawling, finally breaking,
The blue sky, the Sea’s cry, and all the while- singing.

How could I ever leave this land, a lifelong home to me?
But though I try, my eyes will stray away and to the Sea.
The white ships are sailing down; I hear the seagull’s crying
As it wheels across the breaking waves to crown the white sail’s flying.


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