An Elegy for Arwen

by Mar 18, 2004Poetry

The stars in heavy time array,
And I am lost, for I did stay
Upon the shores, and I did pray
For love and virtue, to live my life,
But linger I, in mortal strife.

And O, my love, doth there he lie,
And my tears shall not cry
‘Till I shall lay my head to die
Under cold and weary night,
When the stars shall shine so bright.

O Tears, thou art as I decree’d,
Yet I was happy, for what need
My heart did hold, and I did lead
My hand to his, as darknedd fell;
‘Twas my heav’n, now my hell.

Yet oft the bird of eve did sing
Of elven mountains, in their spring,
And to my tears hope did bring,
Untill his mortal path did end,
Fare ye well, my love, my friend.

Stars, thy light doth seem to wan,
And I still love ye, yet who can
Now sail away from the world of man;
Not I; this choice I did persue,
Although this fate was mine, I knew.

So sweet stars, now see my face;
A sadness, in an elven grace,
A tear of sorrow, and in this place
I hold my hear, and see the light;
Beloved stars still shining bright.


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