An Eagle’s View of Middle-earth – From Above

by May 4, 2002Poetry

I fly from my eyries at Goblin Gate.I fly swift and straight.North to the Shire is my destination.Theres Hobbiton now!I watch Sam and then Gaffer at #3.Before going to look at the famous Mallorn Tree.But I must leave;and say goodbye as South I fly.I come soon,to Rivendell and theres Elrond,his eyes are open,but he is asleep.I have no time to stay;I must go on and on,but I wish I had time to spare;to look at Imlasdris the fair I soar over mountains and come to Dimrill Dale.I take a peek at Kheled-Zarum, and speed into the air.Flying quickly,ever quickly,I gaze upon Lorien.Galadriel is standing there,her ring she holds up in the air.Beside her ever standing there is Celeborn the Wise.I bid farewell to Lorien,the stainless unmarred land .West to Gondor now I go,the beautiful Stone Land.Minas Tirith,white and strong,guard Gondor ceaselessly.Osgiliath,the old once-strong.Sadly flapping Eastward I come to sudden halt,I cannot go far onwards to the land of Dark and Shadow.I could not slip past all those gates,nor do I wish to try,They cannot conquer forever,But my journy is over.Goodbye!


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