Amin Entyala (I Remember) – Amin Entyala (I Remember)

by Jun 14, 2005Poetry

iire amin nainnie lye mel Estel
(when I lament our love(as friend) Estel)

iire lye mammen nessa
(when we were young)

amin tiris lle nyenye ar lle halya i anwa
(I watch you weeping, and you conceal the truth)

er iire amin roita ta, lle nyar amin lle foole
(but when i pursue it, you tell me your secret)

amin enyala ta er
(I remember it still)

ve wea, lye vaa lye sanka tie
(as adults, we went our split ways)

er amin tuuva lle ata
(but I find you again)

mii metya, lle unquale laika amin indo
(in the end, your death piercing my heart)

amin entalya lle er
(I remember you still)

lle suule mi amin enyalie
(you live within my memory)


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