Always There – A poem from father to child

by Dec 2, 2003Poetry

When I’m lost, it’s everyday,
But Brighteyes shows me the way.

At night when I can’t find sleep,
I can hear Brighteyes weep.
I’ve never seen Brighteyes sad,
But I didn’t know it’d be so bad.

Everyday she’s always nice;
For everything she gives, there’s never a price.
I’ve thought anything but joy from Brighteyes,
I never imagined how she’d feel when someone dies.

She’s only known me, so why does she cry?
What great thing has she had to sacrafice?
She’s by her bed now, on her knees.
Tell me what she’s doing, tell me please.

I begin to worry as I hear soft-spoken words.
Words that if not spoken, would not be heard.
When she’s done, she climbs into her bed.
What’s this? Something’s happening in my head.

I begin to feel lighter, yet I’m still on the ground.
My heart is tied to her, to Brighteyes I am bound.
That is what keeps me, here on the ground.

But soon, I feel there’s something in my head,
Nagging at me, but nothing is said.
Aren’t I still here? Or am I dead?

I can’t sleep,
For I begin to weep.
How could I leave Brighteyes?
That’s why she cries.

But she does not know that I’m still here,
Watching her every move, far and near.
Poor Brighteyes, dear Brighteyes, please don’t cry,
I am here, always there, by your side.


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