Always Forever Now, Of Elves in Middle Earth

by Jun 5, 2009Poetry

The reality of being
In the moments of time
Continues ever weaving
Across the ages that are mine

For I was there in the distance
Past or present has no end
Because there is resistance
To the aging of my kin

For what is aging but the past
Moving in motion slow
Often with memories fast
From experience I know

Can you imagine the presence
Of time all in view
Combining thought with memory
Always, forever, new

There I am
Could you see
Where there are moments
And memories to be

Always is a name for my being
In every instance of belief
Came the promise that is unending
And the doom of my grief

Forever is an extension
Of the thought that always came
To me in a mention
Of the promise that is the same

For Now is the moment
The Time that has a link
It is in me of a memory
The way it once was, I think

Always Forever Now
Seems as but yesterday
Always Forever Now
Could be just another day

In the depths of my memory
Now Always is Forever
And there is hope you see
Because Always is Now and Forever with me

By Divad Norrab


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