Alone – Into Mordor

by Aug 15, 2002Poetry

A night of festive splendour
And then its glories gone –
A kindred spirit left me
And I was all alone.

Once there was a time so carefree!
Once there was such song and joy!
Once there was a brightness hoped for!
Once I was a boy!

A tale of age-old evil,
A fearful danger shown,
A journey to be taken,
And I must go alone.

May there be a few to trust to!
May there be some hand that’s strong!
May there be some hope to look to!
One to come along!

I fear the wide, vast spaces,
I fear the wild unknown,
I fear the pathless desert,
I fear to be alone.

Could there be a faithful friendship?
Could there be a loving hand?
Could there be a help and comfort
In this hopeless land?

There’s nowhere I can turn to,
And way ahead there’s none –
For darkness is about me
And I am all alone.


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