A withered heart – Finduilas’ longing for the Sea

by Feb 17, 2005Poetry

My children, my beautiful boys
my princes, I have never been happy here
in this City of Stone
You have never seen the Sea
where I played happily as a child
My heart ever longs for the blue waves
on the shores of my home
The cry of the Seagulls
cannot be heard in the City of Kings
My eyes stray always South
Take me to the Sea,
where my heart could be cured
You wipe the tears from my eyes
and can’t understand why I am crying
I want you to be happy,
but my heart is sick
I wish you would be my little boy for ever
and touch my face with your soft hands
comfort me with your beautiful words
Please take care of your little brother
even when you’re both great warriors
Your mother loves you,
but I can’t live here any more


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