A WEARY HEART – Frodo’s thoughts…

by Jul 21, 2004Poetry

To shadow
to fire
to doom I go
To destroy the hate
manifested in the evil of our foe.

Not light nor wind
do I sense,
only despair and fear
upon my weary heart.

For this is the land of doom,
where the shadows lie.

The ring is growing heavy
about my neck,
and the sky has darkened.

The fire scorches
and the smoke smothers.

It is not the sound of birds I hear
echoing in my ears,
it is the sound of rock and stone
grinding and wrenching
my every step.

I see the door
that leads to the pit
into which I must
cast the ring.

As I stand on the edge
and gaze into the fire,
my eyes fixed,
I surrender the ring
from my bosom,
and hold it out.

His eye is upon me!

I feel myself pull back the ring
and put it on.

Gollum pounces
and bites off my ring finger-
I cry out!

At the moment
the ring hits the fire,
all pain leaves me.

I know then
the age of Men has come,
the lands of Middle Earth are free,
Lord Aragorn will reign,
for gone is Isildur’s Bane!

and put it on.


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