A view of Immortality – The trials of Arwen

by Nov 12, 2003Poetry

If eternity were to become,
Where would I be placed?
Would I stand alone, apart,
Or with thoes my life is graced?
Would I be immortal,
Or seen of mortal life,
Would I be a Queen or maid,
A lover or a wife?

Above the stars I hold them,
My family and my dreams,
Away from me, yet still within,
Written by some means,
Would I again then see them,
If the sun did die,
Or would the years between us
Like yearning oceans lie?

Untrue would be my honour,
If I did not trust my heart,
Yet all the sorrow within me
Became as we did part,
And still I feel no differant,
Years my youth shall slay,
As seasons change and tears fall
I cherish every day.

A kiss should be a virtue,
To hold him in his sleep,
Yet parents love is lost to me,
And for this I shall weep.
Alas that fate should happen
To marr the stars of love,
Yet ’tis all but becoming,
Entwined with deeds above.

So pity shall pass by me,
And stars shall my dreams hold,
Gold and silver riches
Like love do not grow old,
And songs shall sing in lament,
Written, and in lay,
For I shall live forever,
If dreams be held in sway.


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